“Hello, my name is Michelle King, and I am the newest member of Huntingdon Behavioral Health’sManagement team. I am consultant pharmacist, and will personally work with your facility, our prescribers, and your interdisciplinary team, to maintain compliance, along with proper documentation that backs GDR’s decisions considering diagnosis, usage rates, and benefits vs. risks of continued medication use.”

SMART Psych at a glance:

Specialized– Analyze psychotropic utilization data gathered from your facility EMR

Measured– Documents in real time, detailing trends in psychotropic utilization use

Antipsychotic– Targeted at meeting and exceeding CMS antipsychotic reduction goals

Report– Receive a tailored monthly report that facilitates acting on your goals

Trend– Stay ahead of the curve when it comes to latest utilization trends



Discover SMART Psych benefits:


Partner with the best in the business, when it comes to psychotropic medication best practices and innovation. HBH has exclusive access to technology which allows you to provide comprehensive, data driven, and person-centered care, with focus on reducing prescribed antipsychotic medications.


Receive monthly data of your facility psychotropic medication usage improve outcomes and exceed utilization percentage reduction goals.


Eliminate the need for long psychotropic meetings, let us do the hard work to bring you solutions that are data driven and targeted to help those we serve.


Identify trends in the data BEFORE you receive CMS quarterly reports, to improve numbers in real time. Go from reactive to proactive psychotropic medication use. Meet and exceed national antipsychotic reduction average requirements.


We are the only behavioral health company in Florida with a Pharmacy consultant dedicated to working with your facility prescribers and pharmacy consultants to drive improved outcomes through our exclusive

Psych Smart™ Med report and other initiatives.


And the best part of this is that there is no added cost to your facility! Your custom-made report is sent to your facility and your interdisciplinary team monthly to stay ahead of the curve and target increasing utilization by facility, unit, or by resident. Get free tailored consultations, set round your schedule, to set manageable reduction goals and analyze trends within your data.


Establish and meet goals for improved utilization that work proactively to improve star ratings at your facility.





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Michelle King, PharmD, CPh. 

Regional Clinical Pharmacist Specialist

Huntingdon Behavioral Health

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